Mississippi Deer Season 2023-2024: Latest Hunting Dates & Laws

Outdoor enthusiasts in Mississippi eagerly await the highly anticipated Deer Hunting Season of 2023-2024. Each fall and winter, Mississippi’s whitetail deer provide exceptional hunting possibilities. Understanding the various deer seasons, regulations, license costs, and management practices will help hunters have a legal and successful season. Here’s a look at what Mississippi deer hunters need to know about the season.

Mississippi Deer Season Dates 2023-2024

Deer hunting is permitted in different ways during several seasons. Dates for the 2023–2024 season include:

DMU (Delta, North Central & Hills)

DMU (Delta, North Central & Hills)Season Start DateSeason End Date
Archery-Legal Bucks Only15-Sep17-Sep
Youth Season-Either-Sex4-Nov17-Nov
Youth Season-Either-Sex18-Nov31-Jan
Antlerless Primitive Weapon-Antlerless Deer Only6-Nov17-Nov
Gun (with dogs)-Either-Sex18-Nov1-Dec
Primitive Weapon-Either-Sex2-Dec15-Dec
Gun (without dogs)-Either-Sex16-Dec23-Dec
Gun (with dogs)-Either-Sex24-Dec17-Jan
Archery/Primitive Weapon-Either-Sex18-Jan31-Jan

South East Unit    

South East UnitSeason Start DateSeason End Date
Youth Season4-Nov17-Nov
Youth Season18-Nov15-Feb
Gun (with dogs)18-Nov1-Dec
Primitive Weapon2-Dec15-Dec
Gun (without dogs)16-Dec23-Dec
Gun (with dogs)24-Dec17-Jan
Archery/Primitive Weapon18-Jan31-Jan
Archery/Primitive Weapon1-Feb15-Feb

Certain Deer Management Units (DMUs), such as the Delta, have different season dates. Additionally, the Southeast Unit had an earlier shutdown. For detailed DMU information, see the rules.

Mississippi Deer Bag Limits

Bag limitations helps in controlling and distributing the harvest demand on deer populations. The following are significant Mississippi bag limits:

Antlered Bucks

  • Statewide limit of 3 per year (4 in North Central DMU)
  • 1 per day limit

Antlerless Deer

  • 5 per year in most units
  • 2 per year in Southeast DMU
  • 1 per day limit in Southeast DMU
  • Overall Limit
  • 5 deer total per year regardless of type

Therefore, in most locations, a hunter may take down up to three antlered bucks and two antlerless deer. There are several exclusions for children, elders, private lands, etc. For detailed information on bag limits according to license, season, and region, see the rules.

Mississippi Deer Hunting Regulations

Mississippi’s deer hunting is governed by several significant laws:

  • Mississippi permits many deer hunting guns. Archery equipment includes longbows, recurves, crossbows, and compound bows. Hunters employ single- or double-barreled muzzle-loading rifles, breech-loading metallic cartridge rifles, and shotguns for primitive weaponry. Black powder or equivalents are needed for primitive guns.
  • Gun seasons allow weapons of any caliber or magazine capacity. Archery and archaic guns are allowed during gun seasons.
  • Most counties allow wildlife supplementation on private property, excluding CWD Management Zones. Above-ground or stationary spin-cast feeders must be 100 yards from the closest property line.
  • Private property allows antlerless deer hunting for archaic weapons during a certain season. MDWFP Wildlife Management Areas do not allow this hunt.
  • Hunters must wear 500 square inches of solid unbroken neon orange during firearm seasons, regardless of weapon. Exemptions include hunting from tall positions or covered blinds.
  • Only authorized firearms and archery supplies may be used. Handguns and centerfire rifles are legal.
  • It’s against the law to take spotted fawns. Bucks must fulfill antler requirements to be legal.
  • During any firearms deer season, hunters are required to wear blazing orange.
  • Statewide, it is forbidden to bait deer. No bait-based hunting.
  • Harvests of deer must be tagged and monitored.
  • The harvest of antlerless deer is prohibited in several units.
  • On certain public properties, there are dog hunting regulations.

Mississippi Deer Hunting License Fees  

Several license options exist for residents and nonresidents:

License TypeResident FeesNon-Resident Fees
All Game Hunting$25 $300
Sportsman License$45 N/A
Deer PermitN/A$100

There are lifetime, senior, and youth licenses at reduced prices. Purchasing the necessary stamps and permissions is also necessary.

Deer Management in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi uses data-driven management to maintain a healthy deer population in harmony with environmental conditions.

Monitoring harvest patterns, age distribution, reproduction, and deer health are some of the strategies. Each area makes the appropriate adjustments to its laws and season arrangements.

With populations that are mostly constant and at or close to intended levels, the majority of areas are managed for sustainable hunting. Hunters are crucial because they responsibly hunt deer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Mississippi's deer season begin?

On September 15th, the season for archery begins nationwide. The youth gun season begins on November 4 and is followed in most units by the primitive weapon season on November 6. For actual opening times by location and season, see the rules.

How many deer can you legally take in Mississippi?

Three antlered bucks and five antlerless deer may be taken every day in the state. Four bucks in the North Central DMU and just two antlerless deer in the Southeast DMU are exceptions. In certain units, there are additional daily limitations.

Can you hunt deer with a rifle in Mississippi?

Yes, centerfire rifles and pistols are permitted for deer hunting in Mississippi on a state-wide basis. There are no limits on caliber. Muzzleloaders and shotguns are also acceptable weapons.

What kind of license is required for deer hunting in Mississippi by non-residents?

Non-residents need a $100 Deer Permit in addition to a $300 All Game Hunting License. Additionally, it is necessary to obtain any additional permits and stamps.

When can you legally shoot deer in Mississippi the latest?

The latest deer season in the state is the archery/primitive weapon season, which lasts until January 31 in the majority of units. Some units have earlier closing dates, such as December 1 for the Southeast unit’s weapons.

Can you shoot deer in Mississippi using bait?

No. Hunting for deer in Mississippi is not allowed statewide if you use bait or hunt over it. After the bait has been completely removed, a spot cannot be sought for ten days.

What age is required to hunt deer in Mississippi?

Deer hunting is permitted for those under 15 with parental supervision. Before going hunting alone, a hunter education course must be completed at age 15.

How many deer may be harvested in Mississippi?

The yearly limit for deer in the whole state is five, with a maximum of three antlered bucks (four in certain units). In certain units, antlerless harvest restrictions also apply.

What kind of clothes must you wear for deer hunting in Mississippi?

Hunters are required to wear at least 500 square inches of highly conspicuous blazing orange or pink apparel during any rifle deer season.

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