2024 Alabama Deer Season New Dates by Zones!

Numerous possibilities exist across different seasons, each governed by specific rules varying by county and zone. Find below a comprehensive guide providing insights on Alabama’s deer activities, including rules, dates, and limits.

Alabama Deer Hunting Schedule

Bow and ArrowOct 14-Feb 10Oct 14-Feb 10Oct 14-Feb 10Sep 30-Jan 27Sep 30-Jan 27
Special Youth GunNov 10-13Nov 10-13Nov 10-13Oct 27-30Oct 27-30
Muzzleloader and Air RifleNov 13-17Nov 13-17Nov 13-17Oct 30-Nov 3Oct 30-Nov 3
Gun DeerNov 18-Feb 10Nov 18-Feb 10Nov 18-Dec 15Nov 4-Jan 27Nov 4-Jan 27
Gun Dog DeerNov 18-Jan 15Nov 18-Jan 15Nov 18-Jan 15Nov 4-Jan 27Nov 4-Jan 1

See zone map and full regulations for additional details on boundaries and restrictions by county.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Zone

MethodDatesAllowed Game
Bow and Arrow – Stalk HuntingOct 14 – Feb 10Either Sex
Special Youth GunNov 10-13
Special Muzzleloader and Air RifleNov 13-17
Gun Deer-Stalk HuntingNov 18 – Feb 10
 Nov 18 – Dec 8Antlered Bucks
 Dec 9-31Either Sex
 Jan 1 – Feb 10Antlered Bucks
Gun Dog Deer Hunting – Where AllowedNov 18 – Jan 15Either Sex
 Nov 18 – Dec 8Antlered Bucks
 Dec 9-31Either Sex
 Jan 1-15Antlered Bucks

The CWD Management Zone (CMZ), which encompasses the whole of Lauderdale and Colbert counties, is subject to special rules.

CWD Key regulations include:

•    CWD sampling requirements for hunter harvested game

•    Restrictions on carcass transport and disposal

•    Prohibition of baiting and feeding wildlife

•    CMZ specific licenses required

For the most recent CMZ maps, sampling schedules, and regulations, visit the CWD area of outdooralabama.com.

Bag Limits

There is a limit to one antlerless and one antlered buck per day, with a three-buck limit for the entire year.

Bag LimitDetails
3 deer per hunter for all combined seasons- 1 per day
1 of the 3 deer must have:- At least 4 antler points, 1 inch or longer on 1 antler
Exceptions:- Barbour County: 3-point on 1 side antler restriction
During Unantlered Deer Gun, Special Muzzleloader, Bow & Arrow, and Special Youth (under 16) seasons:- 1 antlerless deer per day
- 1 antlered buck per day


License TypeFees
All Game$32.55
Small Game$21.55
All Game$332.25
Small Game$121.05
Additional Privilege License:
Bait Privilege License (Annual)$17.55
Physically Disabled Hunting License (Annual All Game)$7.15
50% Physically Disabled Military Veteran's License (All Game)$16.80
100% Physically Disabled Military Veteran's License (All Game)$3.50


  • Bag limits – The statewide limit for antlered bucks is three per hunter for the whole combined season. During specified days for either sex, just one antlerless may be taken each day.
  • License – The proper permits are necessary. WMA requires both a hunting license and a wildlife management area license.
  • Reporting- Within 48 hours, all harvest must be reported to Game Check.
  • Hunter Orange – During firearms period, Hunter Orange is necessary.
  • Where – The majority of private land requires written permission from the landowner. For guidelines on public land, see WMA permissions.
  • Legal Weapons- Bows, crossbows, muzzleloaders, shotguns, rifles, air propelled firearms, etc.
  • Dogs- Seasonal and zone restrictions apply. prohibited without a permission on WMAs.
  • Baiting – Using bait is not allowed on public lands. Additionally forbidden in CWD zones.

Hunting on Public Lands

Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), US Forest Service (USFS) properties, and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) lakes and land are all public places where deer shooting is permitted in Alabama.

Key regulations on public lands include:

  • A WMA permit and map are necessary.
  • The USFS only permits stalking during open seasons. Dog hunting may only be permitted on particular days.
  • For particular Corps lakes/land restrictions, see the USACE webpage. might call for a special permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Alabama deer season start and end?

Archery game runs from October 14, until February 10, giving bowhunters plenty of time. Firearms runs November 18, through February 10 In certain regions, Gun Dog Hunting is authorized from November 4, 2023, through January 15.

What are the license requirements for deer hunting in Alabama?

Most hunters need a current permit, a wildlife management area (WMA) permit if pursuing on public lands, a wildlife heritage permit for adults, or a conservation permit for those under the age of 16, to shoot deer. A non-resident license and WMA permit are required for non-residents. A paper or mobile app harvest record is necessary for the Game Check harvest report, which must be submitted within 48 hours.

How many deer can you take in Alabama per season?

For all combined seasons, each hunter is only allowed to take three antlered bucks in total. One more unantlered deer may be taken each day on days that are designated for either-sex. Additional antler limitations, such as minimum points, apply in certain counties and zones.

Can you use dogs for deer hunting in Alabama?

It is permitted on private or designated public properties during certain seasons in several counties and zones. On WMAs, this activity is often not permitted.

What weapons can be used to deer hunt in Alabama?

Crossbows and bows are permitted throughout the archery season. Rifles, handguns, shotguns loaded with single slugs, muzzleloaders, and pre-charged pneumatic air-powered firearms of.25 caliber or more are all permitted during gun deer days. There are specific caliber limitations for certain species, like as coyotes and groundhogs.

How do I find public land for deer hunting in Alabama?

WMAs, US Forest Service properties, and Army Corps of Engineers lakes and lands are examples of significant public lands. Visit outdooralabama.com’s interactive maps to find locations and get the necessary permits. Before entering public property, carefully read the regulations, deadlines, hunt zones, and limits on permits. It’s possible that certain USACE and USFS areas need extra permits.


From September through February, Alabama has a long deer season that accommodates hunters of all tastes, whether they want archery or a rifle season. One of the three kills must have at least 4 antler points 1 inch or longer on one antler, except for Barbour County, which has a 3-point on one side antler restriction. Because laws vary by zone and county, hunters must confirm dates, bag restrictions, licenses, and permitted weapons. Access to public lands increases opportunities as well. Guidelines like wearing blazing orange and utilizing treestands carefully maintain the priority of safety.

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