Florida Deer Season 2024: Latest Hunting Schedules, Regulations & Bag Limits!

Florida provides a unique hunting experience that attracts hunters nationwide, with various hunting seasons and weight limits to fit every hunter’s tastes. Whether you are an experienced shooter or a beginner, From archery and muzzleloading gun seasons to general gun seasons the state has all options. So let’s explore the dates, licenses, regulations and other deer hunting-related information.

Florida Deer Season


Zone A

Archery15-Oct – 13-Nov
Crossbow15-Oct – 18-Nov
Muzzleloading gun19-Nov – 2-Dec
Youth weekend26-Nov – 27-Nov
General gun3-Dec – 19-Feb

Zone B

Archery15-Oct – 13-Nov
Crossbow15-Oct – 18-Nov
Muzzleloading gun19-Nov – 2-Dec
Youth weekend26-Nov –  27-Nov
General gun3-Dec – 19-Feb

Zone C

Archery17-Sep – 16-Oct
Crossbow17-Sep – 21-Oct
Muzzleloading gun22-Oct – 4-Nov
Youth weekend29-Oct – 30-Oct
General gun5-Nov – 22-Jan

Zone D

Archery22-Oct – 23-Nov
Crossbow22-Oct – 23-Nov
 28-Nov – 2-Dec
Muzzleloading gun3-Dec – 9-Dec
 20-Feb – 26-Feb
Youth3-Dec – 4-Dec
General gun season24-Nov – 27-Nov
 10-Dec – 19-Feb


Zone A

A230-JulAug. 7
A330-JulAug. 14
A230-JulAug. 7
A330-JulAug. 14
Youth weekend
A2 and A3Sept. 10Sept. 11
General gun
A2Nov. 19Nov. 20
A3Nov. 19Nov. 22

Zone B

Archery15-Oct – 13-Nov
Youth weekend26-Nov – 27-Nov
General gun30-Dec – 1-Jan

Zone C

Antlerless (Zone-C)StartEnd
Muzzleloading gun (C5)22-Oct23-Oct
Youth hunt weekend29-Oct30-Oct
General gun  

Zone D

Antlerless (Zone-D)StartEnd
Muzzleloading gun (D2)3-Dec4-Dec
Youth hunt weekend3-Dec4-Dec
General gun  


Deer Dog Training Season

Deer Dog Training SeasonStart DateEnd Date
Zone AAug. 13Sept. 1
Zone BOct. 29Nov. 17
Zone COct. 1Oct. 20
Zone DOct. 29Nov. 17


Deer Permit$5.00 $25.00
Deer LicensesYearly5 Years
Gold Sportsman’s License$100.00 $494.00
Sportsman’s License$80.50
Resident 64+ Silver Sportsman’s License$13.50 $67.50
Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting/Fishing LicenseNo Cost
Lifetime Sportsman License Onetime
4 years or younger$401.50
5–12 years$701.50
13 years and older$1,001.50
Lifetime Hunting LicenseOnetime
4 years or younger$201.50
5–12 years$351.50
13 years and older$501.50

Hunting Hours

Hunting in non-WMA areas is allowed from dawn to dusk. WMA gun hours, season dates, and rules may vary from national regulations, so check the WMA laws pamphlet for the area you plan to game. This ensures you follow hunting laws and avoid legal issues.

Harvesting & Reporting

Harvest reporting requires hunters to log and record it. You can submit their bounty in two ways. Before moving the kill, use the FWC Fish|Hunt Florida App or GoOutdoorsFlorida.com on a mobile device to log and record the catch. Option B is to log the capture on a paper harvest log before moving and submit it at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com, Fish|Hunt Florida App, or 888-HUNT-FLORIDA (888-486-8356) within 24 hours.

Hunters must record harvests regardless of age, license status, or region. This includes hunters under 16, 65-year-old residents, those with a Resident Disabled Person’s Hunting and Fishing License, military troops home on leave for 30 days or less, and those hunting on their property in their county of residence. Hunters can help the FWC handle and preserve Florida’s animals by reporting harvests.

Hunting Regulations

  • When participating in a public land deer hunt or accompanying another hunter on a public land hunt, a hunter must wear an outer garment with at least 500 square inches of daylight brilliant orange material. It is necessary to wear clothing that covers your midsection and your skull. Hunting on private property and archery-only seasons are outliers.
  • Antlerless buck are defined as any non-antlered deer with spikes less than five inches, with the exception of fawns that have been recognized. On the other hand, with antlers that are at least five inches long are said to be antlered.
  • No matter the time of year or location, every hunter is required to follow the yearly national bag limit. This applies to both private and public lands. Game with municipal shooting permits are also included in this quota. One deer with antlers that don’t comply with the DMU regulations may be taken by young shooters under the age of fifteen
  • Participants may keep up to four animals, with the option to harvest two antlerless animals daily during standard gun, crossbow, muzzleloading, and archery/muzzleloading seasons. Additionally, one or two antlered species may be taken during designated periods. Archery and crossbow enthusiasts can harvest two antlerless, two antlered, or one of each, except during the final five days.
  • Enrollment in the Private Lands Deer Management Program, participation in the Antlerless Program, or pursuing on approved game ranches and shooting preserves exempts participants from these restrictions. Deer killed on roadways are not subject to the notice or quota rules. Neither are non-native species. Even with antlerless and deer killed on private land, individuals are still required to report them.
  • Rifle days for antlerless, and licenses like the Antlerless Program Permit, Private Lands DMU Permit, and Wildlife Management Area Permit are some of the regulations under Antlerless.
  • Shooters can capture antlerless deer on permitted property by obtaining a permit from the Antlerless Deer Pass Program, which targets them to reduce their numbers.
  • Hunters who want to shoot outside the state should be informed that animals cannot be transported in whole bodies or high-risk sections. They can transport soft-tissue-free teeth, deboned flesh, spotless hides, antlers, and taxidermy parts. Captured from property divided by the state of Florida and having the same title in Georgia or Alabama are excluded. These 2021 regulations repealed the permission option in FWC Executive Order 19-41. These regulations are meant to guard against chronic wasting disease, which has not been discovered there. Hunters of all levels must abide by these guidelines.


What is the bag limit for deer hunting in Florida?

Florida has a 5 annual take limit for deer shooting, but only 2 of them can be antlerless. All shooters must abide by the rules, even those exempt from shooting registration and permission requirements. Hunting is free for those who are under 16, are over 65, have a disability permit, are in the armed forces, or are doing it on their land in their district.

What are the rules for importing deer carcasses from outside of Florida?

It is forbidden to import whole carcasses or dangerous sections of deer, elk, moose, caribou, and other members of the deer family from places other than Florida. Only spotless hides, deboned flesh, taxidermy items, and horns are permitted for shipment.

When is the deer hunting season in Florida?

Generally, it lasts from October to January. The state has four seasons: crossbow, muzzleloader, general gun, and archery. The typical archery season lasts four weeks. Crossbow and archery seasons frequently overlap. Muzzleloader season lasts two weeks before rifle season and comes after bow season.

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