New Hampshire Deer Season 2023-2024: Latest Hunting Dates & Regulations

With around 100,000 deer spread out over the state, deer hunting is a well-known fall recreational activity in New Hampshire. Hunting possibilities for whitetails in the Granite State are abundant during the New Hampshire deer seasons of 2023–2024. For a successful NH deer hunt, this guide offers important information on seasons, licenses, restrictions, and more.

New Hampshire Deer Hunting Season Dates

General Deer  Season

WMUMethodSeason Start DateSeason End DateDeer Type
AArchery15-Sep8-DecAny deer
B-MArchery15-Sep15-DecAny deer
A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2EMuzzleloader28-Oct7-NovAntlered deer only
E, F, G2, I2Muzzleloader28-Oct29-OctAny deer
Oct 30–Nov 7MuzzleloaderAntlered deer only
I1Muzzleloader28-Oct30-OctAny deer
H1, J1, KMuzzleloader31-Oct7-NovAntlered deer only
D2W, H2, J2Muzzleloader28-Oct31-OctAny deer
Nov 1–Nov 7MuzzleloaderAntlered deer only
G1Muzzleloader28-Oct1-NovAny deer
Nov 2–Nov 7MuzzleloaderAntlered deer only
L, MMuzzleloader28-Oct7-NovAny deer
WMU A—Note: Firearm deer season ends one week earlyFirearm8-Nov26-NovAntlered deer only
B, C1, C2Firearm8-Nov3-DecAny deer
D1, D2E, E, FFirearm8-Nov9-NovAntlered deer only
Nov 10–Dec 3FirearmAny deer
G2, I1, I2Firearm10-Nov3-DecAntlered deer only
J1Firearm8-Nov10-NovAny deer
H1, H2, J2, KFirearm11-Nov3-DecAntlered deer only
D2W, G1Firearm8-Nov12-NovAny deer
Nov 13–Dec 3FirearmAntlered deer only
L, MFirearm8-Nov17-NovAny deer
Nov 18–Dec 3FirearmAntlered deer only
LSpecial PermitsAntlerless deer only
MSpecial PermitsAntlerless deer only
StatewideYouth Hunt21-Oct22-OctAny Deer
WMU A-LDeer Baiting18-Oct15-Nov
WMU MDeer Baiting15-Sep15-Dec

Youth Deer Season

NH Youth Deer SeasonStart DateEnd Date
Youth Deer Weekend21-Oct-2322-Oct-23

NH Moose Hunt

NH Moose HuntDate
Lottery OpenJanuary 27 to May 26, 2023
Lottery Winners Announced16-Jun-23
Moose Hunt SeasonOctober 21 to October 29, 2023
Permit Offered35 people
Wildlife Management Unit (WMU)Specific for each hunt

Keep in mind that in Wildlife Management Unit A, the archery and weapons seasons end one week earlier. To check the season dates in the region you want to hunt, use the NHFG’s deer hunting maps.

New Hampshire Deer Hunting Licenses and Permits

Type of LicenseFeeAgeComments
Regular Hunting License$32.00 16–67Need a current hunting license or a Hunter Education card.
Senior Combination Hunting and Fishing License$7.00 68+for anyone born in 1948 or after. Annual purchase is required.
Special Archery Deer Permit$26.00 All agesIt cannot be bought alone; it must be acquired together with a yearly archery license. solely antlered.
Special Unit L Deer Permit$26.00 All agesUnless you are under 16, a current NH Regular Hunting or Archery license is necessary.
Special Unit M Deer Permit$36.00 All agesUnless you are under 16, a current NH Regular Hunting or Archery license is necessary. 2 tags are attached to each permit.

Legal Equipment for Deer Hunting

  • Archery: Bows must have a draw weight of at least 40 pounds. You need broadheads for arrows. With a disability permit, crossbows are permitted.
  • Muzzleloader: Single barrel muzzleloader of at least 45 caliber. only during the regular firearms season.
  • Firearms: Centerfire rifles are a kind of weapon.22 caliber or bigger, pistols, and slug shotguns. No bullets with entire metal jackets.

Additional Deer Hunting Regulations in New Hampshire

  • Written landowner permission is needed.
  • Mandatory deer harvest registration within 24 hours
  • Special Unit L permits allow for an extra antlerless deer in WMU L. Unit L and M Permits.    Two additional antlerless deer are permitted in WMU M with special Unit M licenses.
  • Governor’s Island and Long Island Deer permits are necessary to shoot deer on Lake Winnipesaukee’s Long and Governor’s Islands.
  • Hunting Times: 30 minutes before to dawn to 30 minutes after dusk.
  • Deer Registration: Within 24 hours, registration must be completed online or at the closest available registration location.
  • Some deer hunting activities are illegal in New Hampshire. Hunting with.22 or smaller rimfire guns or restricted shot loads is illegal. During Antlered Only season, killing deer with antlers under 3 inches is forbidden. 100% salt bait for deer shooting is also banned. These rules promote ethical hunting and deer conservation in the state. Hunters should follow these principles for safe and sustainable hunting.
  • During the archery season, crossbows are permitted in WMU L and M. There are detailed specifications for crossbow size, safety, and broadhead size.
  • Muzzleloader Season: To hunt deer during the muzzleloader season, you must possess a muzzleloader license.    With the muzzleloader tag, only one deer may be taken.
  • Duplicate Licenses and Permits: Lost licenses may be reissued at no cost at the Concord Fish and Game offices or at the original issuing agency.
  • When acquiring a hunting license, New Hampshire residents must provide proof of their address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the antlerless deer bag limit in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, each Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) has a different bag limit for antlerless deer. In WMU M, hunters who have the right licenses may take down up to two antlerless deer. With the appropriate authorization, hunters in WMU L are permitted to take one antlerless deer.

How many points must a buck have to be considered legal in NH?

An antlered deer is one that has at least one antler that is three inches or longer in New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, there is no limit on the number of points on buck deer antlers; during the relevant seasons, any visible antler qualifies as an antlered deer.

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