How Much is a Deer Lease in Texas?

Question: How Much is a Deer Lease in Texas?

Answer: The price of a deer lease varies widely in Texas, with typical yearly prices ranging from $5 to $50 per acre. According to Texas A&M University study, the average price per acre in most locations is between $8 and $12. However, in other areas of the state, the cost of a great hunting property may be as high as $25 to $50 per acre.

Some general guidelines for average Texas deer lease rates per acre by region are:

RegionAverage Lease Rates per Acre
North Texas$7 to $12
South Texas$8 to $15
East Texas$5 to $15
West Texas$5 to $12
Hill Country$12 to $25

However, depending on the specifics of the lease, leasing prices might vary greatly even within these broad areas.

Factors Influencing Deer Lease Rates

The price of a Texas deer lease is influenced by a number of important variables. Primary factors include:

  • Location – Properties in good deer habitat, such as the Hill Country, or those that are closer to metropolitan areas often have higher lease fees.
  • Size – In general, the greater the per-acre charge, the smaller the land leased. Less expansive leases provide more hunting exclusivity.
  • Habitat Quality – Lease prices are strongly impacted by the quantity and quality of deer feed supplies and cover on the property. Higher pricing result from better habitat.
  • Deer Population – Leases with a lot of deer and mature class bucks should have higher prices.
  • Lease Term – Seasonal short-term leases of a few days or weeks are more expensive than year-round leases.

Texas Deer Lease Prices Annually

Although leasing prices vary greatly, the following are some common annual costs:

Lease TypeAcreageCost Range (Per Year)
Small Lease100 acres$1,500 to $5,000
Medium Lease500 acres$4,000 to $25,000
Large Lease1,000+ acres$10,000 to $50,000+
Day Lease-$2,500 to $4,000

In Texas, excellent trophy deer lands often rent for $15 to $42 per acre per year, although less desirable habitat may rent for less than $10 per acre. Find a leasing option that fits your requirements and budget by doing some research.

Finding Texas Deer Hunting Leases

Search for potential hunting and deer lease possibilities around Texas using websites like,, and Texas Hunting Post. Consult regional experts as well as land management firms. You may locate a leasing property in Texas that you can call your own thanks to a wide range of alternatives.

The price of a Texas deer lease varies according on the property’s size, habitat, location, length, and quality of the herd. However, with careful preparation and study, you may locate the ideal lease and enjoy outstanding deer hunting in the Lone Star State.

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