How Small is a Newborn Chinese Water Deer?

Question: How small is a newborn Chinese water deer?

Answer: A newborn Chinese water deer is rather tiny. It is around the size of a newborn house cat and weighs less than 1 kilogram (2 pounds) upon birth. Even though fawns are born with their eyes open and can walk and stand up within minutes of birth, they are still extremely vulnerable. They spend the most of the day hiding in the long grass or bush, only emerging to eat and play when their mother is around.

Height at ShoulderAround 0.50m to 0.55m
Newborn SizeCan be held in the palm of a hand
Physical Characteristics of NewbornsDark brown with white stripes and spots along upper torso
Canine Teeth LengthMales: 5.5 cm (2.2 in) to 8 cm (3.1 in); Females: 0.5 cm (0.2 in)
Species InformationWater deer (Hydropotes inermis), native to China and Korea, first described to the Western world in 1870
Newborn WeightUnder 2 pounds

Although they are native to China and Korea, Chinese water deer have been brought to other continents, such as Europe and New Zealand. They are a little species of deer, standing at the shoulder at a height of about 22 inches (56 cm) and weighing between 33 and 66 pounds (15 and 30 kilograms).

In their natural habitat, Chinese water deer play a significant role in maintaining the ecology. They aid in the movement of seeds and regulate the development of plants. Additionally, they are a well-liked game animal in several regions of the globe.

It’s crucial to let a baby Chinese water deer alone if you encounter one. Keep your distance from the fawn if you want to keep its mother from running away. Please get in touch with your local wildlife authority if you find a fawn that is orphaned or injured.

Additional information on young Chinese water deer is provided below:

• For the most of the day, fawns hide out in the thick grass or the underbrush. When their mother is close, they only go outside to eat and play.

• Foxes, wild dogs, and raptors are a few of the predators that feed on fawns.

• Does will nurse their fawns for nearly 4 months, but at about 2 weeks old, the fawns will start eating solid food.

• Fawns remain with their mothers until the spring of the following year, when she gives birth to another fawn.

Chinese water deer are interesting animals, and their young are exceptionally delicate and sensitive. Understanding these deer and their young will enable us to contribute to ensuring their survival and welfare.

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