West Virginia Deer Season 2023-2024 Complete Date & Guide

West Virginia Deer Season 2023-2024 is marked by distinct periods for various methods, including Buck Firearms, Archery and Crossbow, Antlerless Split Season, Muzzleloader, and Youth/Class Q/Class XS Split Season.

Deer hunting is a popular fall tradition across West Virginia, drawing thousands of resident and nonresident hunters each year. With various seasons, licenses, and regulations to follow, it’s crucial to be well-informed before heading out to hunt whitetails in the Mountain State. This comprehensive guide covers key details on the 2023-2024 West Virginia deer seasons, licensing, harvest limits, equipment regulations, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) containment measures, and more.

West Virginia Deer Hunting Season Dates

West Virginia offers ample deer hunting opportunities spanning several months. Here are the seasons and corresponding dates:

Certainly! Here’s a pointwise summary of the deer season dates:

Deer (Buck Firearms):

  • Opening Date: November 20
  • Closing Date: December 3
  • Refer to pages 15-20 for additional details.

Deer (Archery and Crossbow):

  • Opening Date: September 30
  • Closing Date: December 31

Deer (Antlerless) Split Season (Selected Counties):

  • First Segment:
    • Opening Date: October 26
    • Closing Date: October 29
  • Second Segment:
    • Opening Date: November 20
    • Closing Date: December 3
  • Third Segment:
    • Opening Date: December 7
    • Closing Date: December 10
  • Fourth Segment:
    • Opening Date: December 28
    • Closing Date: December 31

Deer (Muzzleloader):

  • Opening Date: December 11
  • Closing Date: December 17

Deer (Youth/Class Q/Class XS) Split Season:

  • First Segment:
    • Opening Date: October 21
    • Closing Date: October 22
    • Daily Bag Limit: 1
    • Possession Limit: 4
    • Season Limit: 4
  • Second Segment:
    • Opening Date: December 26
    • Closing Date: December 27

Deer (Winter 2024 – Mountaineer Heritage):

  • Opening Date: January 11
  • Closing Date: January 14
  • Daily Bag Limit: 1 deer

Please refer to the specified pages for additional regulations and details.

West Virginia Deer Licenses and Permit Requirements

To legally hunt deer in West Virginia, you must have a valid hunting license along with any required stamps or permits. Resident and nonresident requirements differ, as summarized below:

Resident Requirements

  • Annual license: Class A, AH, X, X3, XP, XJ, AHJ
  • Additional stamps needed for:
  • Hunting antlerless deer (Class N)
  • Archery/crossbow hunting extra deer (Class RB)
  • Firearms hunting extra deer (Class RG)
  • Muzzleloader hunting extra deer (Class RM)
  • Bear hunting (Class DS)
  • Hunter safety course completion needed for some licenses
  • Landowners can hunt on their own property without a license

Nonresident Requirements

  • Annual license: Class E, AAH, XXJ
  • Additional stamps needed for:
  • Hunting antlerless deer (Class NN)
  • Archery/crossbow hunting extra deer (Class RRB)
  • Firearms hunting extra deer (Class RRG)
  • Muzzleloader hunting extra deer (Class RRM)
  • Hunter safety course completion exemptions for certain licenses
  • Various other stamps required in conjunction with base licenses

WV Deer Licenses Fees

WV Deer LicenseDescriptionFee
Class NAntlerless Deer Hunting Stamp$10
Class RBAdditional Archery Deer Stamp$21
Class RGAdditional Firearms Deer Stamp$21
Class RMAdditional Muzzleloader Deer Stamp$16
Class NNNonresident Antlerless Deer Stamp$27
Class RRBNonresident Additional Archery Deer Stamp$37
Class RRGNonresident Additional Firearms Deer Stamp$43
Class RRMNonresident Additional Muzzleloader Stamp$37

Key West Virginia Deer Hunting Regulations

In addition to obtaining proper licenses, hunters must adhere to regulations around harvest limits, equipment, tagging/checking, CWD zones, and more.

Deer Harvest Limits

  • Buck firearms season: Only one antlered deer per license year
  • Archery/crossbow season: Unlimited antlerless + only one antlered deer
  • Antlerless seasons: Bag limits set based on individual counties

Hunter Orange Requirements

  • Blaze orange required in all designated counties during buck firearms seasons

Legal Hunting Hours

  • Monday-Saturday: 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
  • Sunday: 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Containment

  • Special regulations in Hampshire, Hardy, Mineral counties
  • Prohibits transportation of high-risk deer carcass parts
  • Bans feeding/baiting of wildlife on public land

Tagging and Electronic Checking

  • All deer must be electronically checked on same date of kill
  • Temporary field tagging required before moving carcass

See the regulations for additional details on Sunday hunting, prohibited devices/methods, hunting hours exceptions, antler restrictions, and more.

Hunting Deer on Public Lands

West Virginia has ample public land opportunities to pursue deer, with some specific regulations:

State Parks

Deer hunting allowed in season at Chief Logan, Tomlinson Run, and Pipestem Resort state parks through an application process.

Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)

Special rules coverotech firearm types, hunting styles, scout days, and seasonal closures on certain WMAs.

National Forests

The Monongahela and George Washington/Jefferson National Forests have over 1.1 million acres open to deer hunting, subject to US Forest Service regulations.

Be sure to consult official public land guides to confirm specific deer hunting regulations in the area you’ll be visiting.

WV Archery and Crossbow Deer Information

Bowhunting whitetails in West Virginia continues to grow in popularity. Here’s what you need to know:

Archery/Crossbow Season Dates

  • September 30, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Archery/Crossbow Harvest Limits

  • Unlimited antlerless deer
  • One antlered deer limit

Equipment Regulations

  • Minimum draw weight 40 pounds
  • Arrows must have sharpened broadhead blade(s) at least 7/8″ in width
  • Crossbows must have minimum 125-pound draw weight
  • Additional equipment restrictions apply


With quality deer herds and extensive public lands, West Virginia offers outstanding whitetail hunting opportunities. This guide summarizes key dates, licensing, regulations, harvest limits and equipment rules to legally hunt deer during the 2023-2024 seasons. Be sure to carefully review official regulations for additional requirements before hunting. With proper preparation and planning, you’ll be set for an exciting deer season in the Mountain State.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some detailed FAQs related to West Virginia deer season 2023-2024:

What are the buck firearms deer hunting season dates in West Virginia?

The buck firearms deer hunting season opens on November 20 and runs through December 3. There is also an additional day on December 31. During the buck firearms season, hunters can harvest one antlered deer that meets minimum antler requirements per the regulations.

When does the archery deer season open in West Virginia?

The archery and crossbow deer hunting season in West Virginia has a split format for 2023. It opens first on September 30 and runs through October 26. After a brief closure, it reopens on October 29 and remains open through December 31. During the archery deer seasons, hunters can harvest an unlimited number of antlerless deer and one antlered deer.

What additional deer stamps are needed to hunt extra deer in West Virginia?

If you want to hunt additional deer beyond the one antlered limit during buck firearms season in West Virginia, you need to purchase extra stamps. The Class RG stamp allows an additional antlered deer to be taken with firearms. The Class RB stamp provides for an additional antlered deer during the archery/crossbow seasons. And the Class RM stamp is required for harvesting an extra antlered deer during muzzleloader season.

Can I deer hunt on Sunday in West Virginia?

Sunday deer hunting is legal in West Virginia, but there are some restrictions in place. Deer hunting hours on Sundays are limited to 1/2 hour before sunrise until sunset. Additionally, only certain types of hunting are permitted, such as archery, crossbows, and certain muzzleloader seasons. Additional restrictions apply, so consult the regulations.

What special regulations are in place for Chronic Wasting Disease zones?

West Virginia has special regulations for Hampshire, Hardy and Mineral counties related to Chronic Wasting Disease containment. These prohibit transportation of high-risk deer carcass parts from the area. They also ban baiting or feeding any wildlife species on public land year-round within the CWD containment area. Before hunting these counties, review all applicable regulations.

Schedule & Regulation source: West Virginia DNR

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