Where To Hunt Whitetail Deer In Colorado?

Question: Where to hunt whitetail deer in Colorado?

Answer: Some of the greatest whitetail deer hunting in the United States is available in Colorado. There are several public and private property hunting possibilities in the state, which is home to a range of environments supporting robust deer populations.

Here are some of the top whitetail deer hunting destinations in Colorado:

  • Northeastern Colorado: Home to some of the state’s most profitable hunting areas, this area is renowned for its enormous deer numbers. Top locations include the counties of Phillips, Sedgwick, and Logan.
  • Eastern Plains: Whitetail deer find perfect habitat in Colorado’s eastern plains, which have a mixture of agricultural land and river bottoms. Larimer, Weld, and Boulder counties are among the top travel destinations. Additionally, regions like Yuma, Powers, and Logan counties are highlighted as having some of the highest record-breaking bucks.
  • Southeast Colorado: There are plenty of public land hunting chances here, and the area is home to some of the state’s biggest deer. Huerfano, Las Animas, and Baca counties are popular travel destinations.
  • River Bottoms and Drainages: From the Front Range to the Kansas border, whitetail populations predominate in the river bottoms. It is noted that several drainages, like the Platte, Big Sandy, Arkansas, and Arikaree, provide rich early successional habitat that is home to healthy populations of whitetail deer.
  • San Juan Mountains: Hunting in the San Juan Mountains might be more difficult, but the rewards can be substantial. Montezuma, Dolores, and La Plata counties are popular travel destinations.
  • White River Plateau: Home to exceptional deer herds, the White River Plateau is a high-country getaway. The counties of Garfield, Rio Blanco, and Moffat are popular travel destinations.
  • Public Land Areas: On its eastern side, Colorado has a large number of state wildlife areas (SWAs) that are home to a plentiful population of whitetail deer. The Arkansas River valley is said to have some of the largest whitetails in the state, with more than 20 SWAs providing about 50,000 acres of public access.
  • Guided Hunts: On Colorado’s Eastern Plains, guided whitetail deer hunts are offered, especially in October and November. These hunts, which are characterized as fair pursuit hunts with wide country, provide the chance to pursue bucks in the 160–180-inch class.

For those looking to hunt whitetail deer in Colorado, especially on the Eastern Plains, these sites and chances provide a variety of alternatives. For the most up-to-date and correct information, check with local outfitters and wildlife officials, as well as take into account the dates and rules of the particular seasons.

Here are some additional tips for hunting whitetail deer in Colorado:

  • Do your homework: Become familiar with the hunting laws and the particular hunting units that you want to hunt.
  • Explore the area: Before you hunt, take some time to explore the area to find possible deer sleeping places, feeding locations, and transit routes.
  • Hunt during the rut: This is the ideal time of year to hunt whitetail deer since it is their most active period. Usually, the rut takes place in late October or early November.
  • Have patience: Successful whitetail deer hunting may be difficult and time-consuming. If you are persistent and patient, you will ultimately get a trophy buck.

Always make sure you have the required licenses and have reviewed the local hunting restrictions before going on a Colorado whitetail deer hunt. Be careful and have fun on the quest!

James Ellis

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