Utah Deer Season 2023-2024 New Dates, Regulations & Licenses

Deer season in Utah for 2023 will soon begin, and dedicated hunters and outdoor lovers look forward to it with bated breath. Utah is a prominent deer hunting destination due to the state’s distinctive environment, variety of animals, and large hunting grounds. With new rules and management techniques aimed at enhancing the quality and sustainability of deer populations, the next season is expected to be among the most thrilling and productive in recent memory. We’ll give you a thorough rundown of Utah’s 2023 Deer Season on this page, including key dates, hunting laws, and licenses.

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Utah Deer Season 2023

For the seventh year, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) has proposed 71,600 general-season deer hunting licenses, 1,475 less than in 2022. Utah’s mule deer population is recovering, with the DWR aiming for 404,000, while current estimates are 335,000. Hunters must know Utah’s deer hunting restrictions and seasons, which vary by unit. Utah issues limited-entry and general season deer licenses by a draw with distinct point systems. Utah Deer Season 2023 is a great chance for hunters to enjoy the hunt while following DWR permit numbers and restrictions.

UT General Deer SeasonMethodDates
Any legal weapon (early)11-Oct15-Oct
Any legal weapon (general)21-Oct29-Oct

Utah Elk Season

Utah Elk SeasonDatesDates
General-season archery spike bull19-Aug8-Sep
General-season archery any bull19-Aug20-Sep
General-season any legal weapon spike bull7-Oct19-Oct
General season early any legal weapon any bull7-Oct13-Oct
General-season late any legal weapon any bull14-Oct20-Oct
General-season muzzleloader1-Nov9-Nov
Limited-entry elk archery23-Aug19-Sep
Limited-entry late-season archery elk2-Dec17-Dec
Limited-entry elk early any weapon20-Sep24-Sep
Limited-entry elk muzzleloader25-SepSept Oct 6
Limited entry any legal weapon hunt on 14 units that didn't previously have a mid-season hunt7-Oct19-Oct
Limited-entry elk HAMS/restricted weapons11-Nov30-Nov
Limited-entry late-season any legal weapon hunt on Diamond Mountain11-Nov19-Nov

Deer Licenses & Permits

Deer Season PermitsResidentNonresident
Buck Deer
General-Season$40.00 $398.00
Antlerless$30.00 $107.00
Two-Doe Antlerless$45.00 $197.00
Depredation (Antlerless)$30.00 $107.00
Landowner Mitigation
Deer (Antlerless)$30.00 $107.00
Elk (Antlerless)$30.00 $318.00
Pronghorn (Doe)$30.00 $107.00
Limited-Entry Game Permits
Limited-Entry Buck$80.00 $650.00
Limited-Entry Management Buck$80.00 $650.00
Limited-Entry Multiseason Buck$145.00 $1,100.00
Premium Limited-Entry Buck$168.00 $768.00
Premium Limited-Entry Multiseason Buck$305.00 $1,330.00
CWMU Buck$40.00 $398.00
CWMU Limited-Entry Buck$80.00 $468.00
CWMU Limited-Entry Management Buck$80.00 $468.00
CWMU Premium Limited-Entry Buck$168.00 $768.00
CWMU Antlerless$30.00 $107.00
CWMU Two-Doe Antlerless$45.00 $197.00
Archery (Hunter's Choice)$50.00 $593.00
General-Season Bull$50.00 $593.00
General-Season Multiseason Bull$150.00 $800.00
Limited-Entry Bull$285.00 $1,000.00
Antlerless$50.00 $251.00
Antlerless Control$30.00 $107.00
Private-Lands-Only Antlerless$50.00 $251.00
Depredation (General/Antlerless)$50.00 N/A
Depredation: Bull Elk (with current year unused bull permit)$235.00 N/A
Depredation: Bull Elk (without current year unused bull permit)$285.00 N/A
Muzzleloader$50.00 $593.00
CWMU Any Bull$285.00 $1,000.00
CWMU Antlerless$50.00 $318.00
Limited-Entry Multiseason Bull$513.00 $1,805.00

Hunting Regulations

  • Utah’s large game hunting age is 12. 11-year-olds may apply for licenses but must be 12 by December 31, 2022, to hunt. The Utah Hunter Mentoring Program is for under-18s, whereas the Trial Hunting Program is for 12+. Page 36 and wildlife.utah.gov/mentoring provide details on both programs.
  • Any individual under 16 hunting large game must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or another responsible person at least 21 years old and authorized by the parent or guardian. Hunter education is recommended for the accompanying adult. Walkie-talkies and mobile phones are not suitable for keeping the child and adult near enough for conversational help.
  • If you were born after December 31, 1965, you must complete a Division-approved hunter education course to get a Utah hunting license or large game permit. Trial hunters are the lone exception. The information box or wildlife.utah.gov/trial include further program details.
  • You may get a “blue card” or a validated hunter education number from the Division to indicate you finished hunter education in Utah. Hunter’s education and a blue card give you the number.
  • Utah hunters may obtain conventional and online courses at wildlife.utah.gov/huntereducation. Get a hunter education registration certificate and register online. 801-538-4727 or your local Division office may help. Your teacher will validate your course completion through the online system, enabling you to apply for permits in the Division’s hunt drawing. Your blue card will arrive four to six weeks after finishing the hunter education course. Hunting restrictions apply; an adult must accompany hunters under 15, and if hunting out of state, allow time for your hunter education card to arrive by mail.
  • Before obtaining a resident hunting license, you must get a Utah blue card if you took a hunter education course in another state, province, or nation and moved to Utah. You must provide evidence of Division-approved hunter instruction to acquire a Utah blue card at any Division office.
  • Obtain a Utah hunting or combination license at wildlife.utah.gov, licensing agents, or Division offices before applying for large game permits, bonus points, or preference points. You do not need to buy a new license for your hunt if your license is still valid at the time of your permit application. Hunting and combination licenses last a year.
  • Utah large game hunters must carry their permits. The permission cannot be altered, sold, or leased.
  • Utah’s large game hunt lottery grants permit to hunters. This drawing gives Utah most of its large game licenses. To apply, visit wildlife.utah.gov between January 27 and March 3.
  • Utah provides deer, elk, pronghorn, bison, bighorn sheep, moose, and mountain goat hunts. Unless exempt, Utah buck deer hunters must wear hunter orange. Some places have limits and closures. Hunters may only get antlerless deer permits after getting buck deer permits.
  • Utah has several large game hunts, including deer hunts. General-season buck deer hunts include archery, muzzleloader, early any lawful weapon, and rifle. Hunters must wear hunter orange in Utah unless they are hunting general-season buck deer or bull elk with archery or muzzleloader. Antlerless deer licenses are only accessible to hunters with buck deer permits, and certain regions are prohibited from hunting.
  • From late August to mid-September, hunters, with permission, may use archery equipment to kill one buck deer within the hunting unit and season dates stated on their permit. Hunters may hunt in expanded archery zones if they don’t get a deer. Most locations allow archery hunting of deer of either sex. Hunters must finish the Division’s archery ethics course before hunting any extended archery regions.
  • Late September to early October is muzzleloader buck deer season. A muzzleloader may kill one buck deer in the hunting unit designated on a permit.
  • The Utah Wildlife Board authorized early general-season buck deer hunts for select units in 2021. These mid-October excursions provide deer and general-season elk hunting.
  • Late October through early November is rifle buck deer season. Permit holders may use any legal weapon to kill one buck deer in their hunting unit. Crossbows, airguns, draw locks, and muzzleloaders are additional options.
  • Limited-entry or once-in-a-lifetime hunts must disclose hunt details within 30 days, even if no animal was captured. Failure to report will prevent permit and bonus point applications. A $50 late charge may reinstate permit eligibility for harvest survey questionnaire latecomers.
  • The Utah Wildlife Board authorized late-season, limited-entry muzzleloader deer hunts on all general-season buck deer units. These hunts will overlap with the ordinary muzzleloader elk hunt, but permits will cost bonus points and require a five-year wait.
  • Multi-season hunt licenses enable buck deer hunting in all three seasons (archery, muzzleloader, and any legal weapon) on particular limited-entry or premium limited-entry units. Hunting with this license requires the right weapon for each season.
  • The Utah Wildlife Board authorized three limited-entry handgun-archery-muzzleloader-shotgun (HAMS) buck deer hunts in the Book Cliffs, Floy Canyon, Kaiparowits HAMS, and Morgan-South Rich areas. Utah Admin. prohibits optics and specifies weapons for primitive-weapon hunts. These hunts require a five-year delay and bonus point loss. The handgun must have a single 15-inch barrel, no scope, and fulfill grip, buttstock, extension, and length requirements.
  • Require lawful shotgun, muzzleloader, and archery equipment for buck deer hunting. After completing an online course, non-harvesting limited-entry archery hunters may hunt in expanded archery regions. Harvest surveys are due 30 days after the limited-entry season ends but not for the extended archery season.
  • Utah’s Cooperative Wildlife Management Units (CWMUs) allow a few hunters to kill buck deer on private property. CWMUs need buck deer permits to hunt. Visit wildlife.utah.gov/cwmu for CWMU buck deer hunting information.

Season & Rules source: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

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